Our Mission

Famoustache (fA-mOOs'tash) is a site dedicated to the appreciation of the glorious mustache, primarily focusing on the famous variety.

Actor Sam Elliot sporting half of a face's worth of warm, soothing mustache.

Like all wonderful words, the mustache dates back to Greece with the word "μύσταξ" (translated: facial hair), leading to Latin "mustaccio" then Italian "mostaccio" to the 16th century French word "moustache."  The correct American English is "mustache" not "moustache" but we here at Famoustache will gleefully accept either.

Adolf Hitler, ruining the Charlie Chaplin look forever.
We welcome debate and do not discriminate; we simply will not abate our love for the 'stache.  Our daily image posts and their coinciding heroic tales of mustachery will rock you.

RIP: Freddie Mercury's mustache

So grab a drink (or seven), sink into your chair and free your mind beyond the clean shave. 

"We will not go quietly into the night!"  We will not shave without a fight!  We're going to live on!  We're going to survive!  We are Famoustache, and today we celebrate our famous mustaches.

Luke & Chris
Co-Creators/Moderators of www.famoustache.org