Wednesday, November 28, 2012

While We Were Gone...

We know, you missed us. To be honest, we missed you too. Luke and I have been away for the past few months in hopes of attaining our own Mastery of the Mustache. 

"In a perfect world, this would be all 100% Man Fur."

While I'm only able to reach the level of "Creeper with the Candy Van" 'stache, Luke has been studying under the likes of Sam Elliott and Jeff Bridges, and boy has that hard work paid off.  Read more after the jump...

"Just... so... much... DUDENESS."

We figured that, being men who write about mustaches and their mightiness, we should absolutely cross the boundary from hairless lady-men into full backwoods lumberjackdom. Unfortunately for me, nature is a cruel temptress that bestows almighty 'staches to the few, and not always to those whom would gladly give their many other body parts for a rockin' lip surfer.

"This is still more full than my pathetic facial follicles."
While Luke has been taming, trimming, and tempering his mustache like a sword forged of Damascan steel, I have been convincing my neighbors I've neither committed nor been prosecuted for any sort of sexual crimes. At least those blasted neighborhood kids bypassed my place this Halloween, leaving all of the candy to be consumed by my demolished hopes and dreams of donning a decent 'stache.

**Weeping and crinkling wrappers are heard** "Yes you are, you beautiful bastard."
Now that I have crawled out of my pool of self-pity, and Luke has finally been able to come up for air out of the pit of beautiful women his 'stache has earned him, we decided it was high time to return to the world of mustache bloggosity. We figured whether you are a mustache-among-men or a pre-pubescent-lipped-sot, you can damn sure appreciate the glory that is... THE MUSTACHE!

    Chris and Luke
Don't be ashamed of your love for mustache.
Tell your friends about this mustache!
 Trust me, they wanna know.

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