Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Bruce Campbell

Yes, it's true.  Even Bruce Campbell has had a mustache.

"Should I consummate the non-marriage of me and Xena?  Or should I just take it?"
Not everyone remembers the fact that Bruce Campbell was in Xena.  Remember with me and read more after the jump...

As I was saying, not everyone remembers Bruce from Xena...

...I don't don't know what I'm should be AGAINST THE LAW to not remember Bruce Campbell was in Xena...but regardless, Bruce upgraded his boomstick for a facestick.

A lot of people could say "I'm not as dumb as he looks" to a Raimi and get away with it, but with the pure grade-A panache that drips from the sweaty mustache of Bruce Campbell?  Probably not.

"At least some website isn't monitoring my facial hair status..."

We can all grow mustaches of our own, but our primitive intellect can't understand alloys and compositions and things with...molecular structures.  

Here's to you Bruce.


Don't be ashamed of your love for mustache.
Tell your friends about this mustache!
Trust me, they wanna know.

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